Neostrata Enlighten Brightening Eye Cream, 30g

5% PHA/Bionic blend (3% Gluconolactone and 2% Lactobionic Acid), 1% Algae Polysaccharide Complex, 2%Dual Acid Peptide Blend, Vitamins C and E.


Formulated to reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes. Targets a restored look of firmness and moisture for a smooth, bright appearance.


This powerful brightening cream blends together antioxidants, peptides, and algae extracts to target visible dark circles under the eyes.  An anti-aging blend of Gluconolactone plus Bionic Acid targets skin’s natural hydrating matrix to cushion and brighten the appearance of dark, under eye skin.

Neostrata Enlighten Brightening Eye Cream



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