Detoxifying & Nourishing Mask Set (6 masks in total)

This is a wonderful set to deep cleanse, nourish and hydrate your skin.



  • Detoxifying Bubbling Cleansing Mask with Charcoal (x2)
  • Collagen Mask with Olive Extract (x2)
  • Eye Therapy Mask (2 pairs)


Detoxifying Bubbling Cleansing Mask with Charcoal

This self-foaming sheet mask bubbles to create a micro massage on the skin that cleanses the skin of impurities, working deep into the pores.


Utilising Activated Charcoal and a rich AHA complex created from Lime, Lemon, Apple, Orange and Grapefruit the Detoxifying mask is also suitable for acne prone skin while refining the pores and reducing oil. 


The cleansing mask is cut to the shape of the lower half of the face.

The perfect cleanser before applying a BeautyPro Collagen Mask.



  • Self-foaming mask with Activated Charcoal
  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Refines pores and reduces oil
  • Suitable for acne prone skin
  • Improving skin clarity and tone
  • Ready to use, 10 minute treatment
  • Free of Mineral Oils, Lanolin, Petroleum and Parabens


Nourishing Collagen Mask with Olive Extract

The science behind the BeautyPro Collagen Infused Facial Masks is the utilisation of marine collagen, combined with key vitamins, herbs and botanicals to improve skin tone and complexion. 


Anti-ageing formula that also helps improve skin clarity and tone, resulting in soft, supple skin with a youthful glow.


Eye Therapy Mask

Hydrogel patch formulated with collagen, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E. 

An intensive under eye treatment to nourish and minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, under eye shadow and dryness. 


Detoxifying & Nourishing Mask Set (6 masks)

  1. Massage the detoxifying pouch to activate the ingredients.
  2. Remove the mask from packaging.
  3. Carefully unfold the mask and place it over the face using the eye holes and mouth hole as a guide.
  4. Wear for 10 minutes, allowing the mask to fully foam.
  5. Remove the mask and rinse off with warm water.
  6. Follow with the Nourishing Mask for intensive hydration. Excess serum can be applied to neck and décolletage.

You can apply the under eye mask after the charcoal mask if you wish or save it for another time.  



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