BT-Sonic Microsonic Cleansing Device

By Biotherepeutics

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The bt-sonic is powerful and portable, this sonic cleansing brush is ideally suited for both home and professional use.

Made with superior quality materials, it will last you many years if not a lifetime.


Water resistant and built for everyday use, its ergonomic shape is comfortable in the hand, while its triangular cleansing head feels great on your skin as the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial Azul silicone bristles get to the spots that other products simply can’t reach.


The bt-sonic is fun to use, gives your skin a professional quality cleansing in as little as 2 minutes, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant. 


The super gentle silicone bristles offer effective cleansing without exfoliating the skin like other bristles do. So it is suitable for every day use. 


Prep your skin for your serums and creams like never before.

BT-Sonic Cleansing Device