Mesotherapy with

microneedling device

Specialised & sterile serums to be pushed into the skin

 Mesotherapy with

Tania Sherlock


Mesotherapy is a fabulous treatment that delivers a cocktail of vitamins, peptides, minerals, hyaluronic acid and specific ingredients into the epidermal layer of the skin via micro injections. We use the Dermafix automated microneedling device which creates hundreds of micro channels into the skin, thoroughly treating the whole face. 


  • Highly nourishing treatment.

  • A series of treatments will improve lines, superficial wrinkles and superficial hyperpigmentation.

  • Revitalises dull, dry and lifeless skin. 

  • Serums are chosen according to client's specific skin needs, allowing for a very targeted treatment.

Recovery time:

Recovery time is minimum to zero. Some redness is expected, however about 97% of clients who add LED Phototherapy to their mesotherapy treatment experience no redness and very little sensitivity the following day.

What does it feel like?

You will feel a mild scratching sensation, but no pain. 



£75.00 including LED Phototherapy


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