Important information below: 



Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


•Please download the NHS Track and Trace app prior to your visit, so you can scan my unique QR code on your arrival.


•Please make sure you have a clean face covering or new face mask to wear after your treatment. A face covering or mask that has already been worn will increase risk of skin infection after your treatment.


•You will be asked to sanitise your hands as soon as you arrive.


•Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment and keep your personal belongings to a minimum.


•All devices and tools used for your treatment are all disinfected or sterilised as usual.


•Fabric towels used for your treatments are washed at very high temperature and quarantined for 7 days.


•High touch surfaces are also disinfected.

•We are following strict hygiene protocols in accordance with government guidelines.


•If you have experienced any of the coronavirus symptoms in the past 14 days, please contact Tania to rearrange your appointment.

•Most common coronavirus symptoms are loss or change in normal sense of smell and taste, high fever and a new continuous cough.


•If you have been to any country in the past 14 days that requires you to quarantine on your return to the UK, or if you have been in contact with anyone known to have coronavirus, please contact Tania to rearrange your appointment. 


• We will not be able to offer you a drink, but you are welcome to bring your own.



Post Treatment Advice


In order to ensure a safe recovery of your skin, please follow the guidance below after your treatment:


• Do not apply make-up for 24 hours. Lipstick and mascara may be worn.

• Avoid sauna or steam rooms for the next 7 days.

• Avoid swimming for the next 3 days.

• Your skin barrier will have been disrupted because of exfoliation, making your skin more sensitive to daylight. So it is really important that you apply a high factor broad spectrum sunscreen for at least 7 days after your treatment. 

• Avoid hot hair dryer and hot shower over facial skin for the next 3 days.

• Make sure your hands are always clean before touching your face. This is to prevent the risk of infections whilst your skin's natural barrier is restored.

• Please bring a clean face covering to wear after your treatment to avoid the risk of infection.  

• Make sure you drink plenty of water.


* For Microneedling and Microdermabrasion treatments, you will have received specific post care advice separately.


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