Acne Specialist


Specifically designed to promote clear skin

This comprehensive Acne Specialist treatment offers multiple benefits for those suffering with all grades of acne and looking to achieve clearer, brighter and healthier looking skin with fewer breakouts. 


  • Decongests pores and brightens the skin

  • Fights acne causing bacteria​

  • Helps fight inflammation and promotes healing

  • Deeply hydrates the skin

  • Skin is left feeling smoother, softer, deeply cleansed and hydrated

All treatments with a facial mask will include hand exfoliation and mask in heated mitts at no extra charge.


What is included?

  1. Double cleanse

  2. Ultrasonic exfoliation

  3. Enzyme peel

  4. Steam and extractions of impactions and blackheads

  5. High frequency to oxygenate and kill germs

  6. Mask

  7. Finishing products and sunscreen

How many treatments do I need?

This will depend on what your goals are and the condition of your skin.

As a general rule, treatments are done every 10 to 14 days until condition improves. We recommend one treatment monthly afterwards as maintenance.

You can also have this treatment as a one-off for a deep cleansing effect.

Are there any side effects?

Expect some localized redness where extractions have been performed. This is short lived though and should last no longer than two days.

How long does the treatment take?

About 1 hour and 30 minutes.